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About us

The Whole Story about Maneology Hair Extensions

Because there are so many variations of clip-in hair extensions available today, we feel it is important to highlight the qualities that set Maneology apart from the competition. One of the best things about Maneology is that they are manufactured exclusively for Maneology. This means that you will never get another product of the same high quality from a store that you can put your faith in because Maneology Hair Extensions are the only place where they can be purchased.
Tape Hair Extensions - Maneology Hair Extensions

Maneology Hair Extensions are providing female customers all over the world with exquisite and high-quality clip-in Remy hair extensions. We take great satisfaction in the fact that we provide wonderful items as well as excellent customer service.

On the market, our clip-in extensions are amongst the thickest and of the highest quality human hair available, giving a beautiful natural appearance.
Because Maneology have such a natural appearance, most people won't be able to tell that you're wearing them; instead, they'll be wondering how you got your hair to look so great.

High-quality hair extensions are determined by a number of various elements; nevertheless, as soon as you receive your extensions, you will be able to tell what kind of quality they are simply by touching them.

The Quality of the Hair

The hair that is sold by Maneology is 100% human Remy hair, which is the finest quality hair available today. Because the cuticles of the hair are all aligned in the same direction, the strands are completely devoid of tangles and feel incredibly smooth to the touch.

The Shine of the Hair

When opposed to synthetic hair extensions, human hair extensions have the advantage of seeming more natural when worn with your own hair. The sheen of synthetic hair is sometimes described as having a 'plastic' quality that is not natural. A gorgeous natural sheen characterises Remy human hair, which is a clear indication that the hair is in excellent condition. They can really make any hair seem different!

The Snippets

I did a lot of research, and I found that these are the greatest clips. They are compact, but they are strong, and they have a silicone strip that clings onto your natural hair to prevent them from slipping. Additionally, the silicone cushions the hair, protecting it from damage. To ensure that they remain in the correct position, they are securely stitched to the weft.

The Degree of Thickness

The goal of Maneology was to become a supplier of some of the thickest hair extensions now available on the market. This would enable women all over the world to experience a sense of ultra-glamour as a result of their newly thicker and longer hair. Depending on the look that you want to achieve with your hair, Maneology offers a variety of different thicknesses.


Depending on which set you purchase, the number of pieces that come packaged with your Maneology Hair Extensions may vary. The wefts have undergone extensive research and development to ensure that they are adaptable to a wide variety of head shapes, hair kinds, and provide the best possible blending. Once clipped in, the wefts are designed to sit quite close to your head and have a limited amount of shedding because they are firmly sewed.

The Termini

At Maneology, we are constantly working to improve our hair extensions; the ends of the extensions are a significant component in achieving a natural appearance for the extensions. The ends have a very natural appearance and possess the fullness that is necessary for them to blend in perfectly with your hair.

The Conclusions

The highest quality hair extensions with a really thick and natural appearing appearance! Instantly adds length as well as volume.

Which of these sets should I go with?

Classy looking

If your hair is longer or finer, and if you are primarily interested in length and natural volume, then our Duchess range 18" or 20" sets should be ideal for you.

The very best.

If you are searching for length as well as volume, then you might consider purchasing something from our Empress line. This collection is available in 18" or 20" to provide an even greater quantity of hair. It will mix in with hair that is regular to medium in texture and produce the appearance of natural volume.

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