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Hair Length Guide

16", 20", OR 24"? What is the one that I should go with?
Do you need help deciding which length is going to be right for you?  We hope these transformations can guide you!  Please keep in mind that not every length will look the same on everyone due to the fact there are various body types.

Model Height: 5"0

You should be congratulated because you have discovered the hair extensions that are going to fulfil all of your requirements. The MANEOLOGY Hair Extensions are assured to be the softest hair extensions you have ever worn because they are made with human remy hair that is 100% human. Each outfit was crafted with you in mind from start to finish.

The 16-inch set of MANEOLOGY Extensions is the perfect choice for you if your natural hair is shoulder-length or shorter, fine, and you simply desire more volume and a more natural appearance. This double-drawn set features thick hair throughout, from the roots to the ends. Oh, and while we're on the subject of thin hair, you don't have to be concerned about your hair extensions being visible. The MANEOLOGY Extensions are made with seamless wefts that are designed to lay flat against your natural hair, making the entire process extremely discrete.

The MANEOLOGYExtensions 20-inch bundle is by far our best-selling product in this category. Our 20-inch set will add length to your hair while also giving it more volume, regardless of the thickness of your natural hair. This length is long enough to reach below your breast, which is a length that is difficult for your natural hair to grow to on its own.

The longest set that we provide is the MANEOLOGY Extensions 24 inch set. If you want people's attention to be drawn to your hair as soon as you come into a room, then you should definitely consider purchasing this set. These extensions will almost certainly reach your waistline if you are approximately 5 feet and 0 inches tall. This is essentially the Rapunzel set that we have. Who doesn't dream of having luxuriously long hair that is also full and thick so that they can feel like a princess?