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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What exactly are seamless clip-in hair extensions?

You have found the solution if you were looking for a rapid do-it-yourself hair extension system that does not include any long-term bonding or harm to your hair. You can get longer hair and more volume by using clip-in hair extensions, which are simple to install and can be customised to blend in seamlessly with your own hair. It only takes a few minutes to clip in or clip out an extension that has a clip. You'll save both time and money by using clip-in extensions. It's quick, it's simple, and it won't break the bank! Because they lie completely flat on your head, our Silk Seamless Clip-in wefts are nearly unnoticeable once they are installed. The revolutionary Silicone band technology fuses and connects every single strand of hair at the top of each weft, hence reducing the amount of shedding and tangling that occurs and extending the lifespan of your beautiful extensions.

How long does it take to attach the hair extensions?

They are attached with discrete small snap clips that have combs on them and are undetectable once they are in place. After some practise, putting them in should take around five minutes, and taking them out should take about a minute and a half.

How are they going to stay in place in my hair?

They attach to your head by means of miniature snap clips that clip under your hair. Our clips are of the highest quality, and each one features a silicone insert. This ensures that they will not slip or cause harm to your hair, and they are also quite secure. Once you have it on, you won't be able to see the clips anymore.

Can I use clip in extensions for something else what they were intended?

It is not recommended that you use your Maneology for anything other than clipping in hair, as this is the only function for which they are sold. We cannot be held responsible for the consequences of your tampering with the extensions, which may have an influence on the durability of the product. If you mess with the extensions in such a way, there will be no prospect of getting your money back.

When using clip-in extensions, what length does my own hair need to be?

As a general guideline, we find that as long as your hair is at least six inches long, you should be alright. However, different people will have different ideas on this matter.

How long does it take for the extensions to take effect?

Because our extensions are crafted with human hair of the highest possible quality, you can expect them to last for as long as you need them to! The extensions typically have a lifespan of about three months, however this might vary depending on how they are maintained and how often they are worn. It is not unusual for Maneology extensions to last for up to a year if the client takes proper care of their natural hair. They will remain in good condition for a longer period of time if you take better care of them. While you are wearing your clip in extensions, we do not recommend sleeping or going swimming in them.

What kind of hair is used for extensions, and where can I get it?

Our Extensions are made entirely of human hair from root to tip. The adaptability of human hair extensions cannot be matched by anything else. Human hair, in contrast to synthetic hair, can be curled using heat, straightened with a flat iron, or chemically treated to perm, colour, or otherwise alter the hair's texture. The hair's natural texture is transformed to become fuller and more robust. The short hair lengthens and becomes longer and more luscious. We promise that the hair we sell is 100% natural human hair, and that it was obtained in a manner that is morally acceptable.

Is your hair Remy, and if so, can you explain how it differs from other types of hair?

Absolutely, we never use anything but Remy Hair in any of our extensions. "Cuticle correct" is what the name "Remy" refers to. This ensures that only the purest virgin hair, which has not been chemically processed or dyed in any way, is utilised. The hair is hand-picked and positioned in such a way that every single strand flows in the same direction that it grows from the scalp. This sets it apart from regular "Silky" hair that is sold on the market. In order to maintain the shine and smoothness of the hair, this guarantees that the cuticle on each individual hair is running in the same direction (downwards). Following the step of choosing and aligning the hair, it next goes through a process that is mild but highly complicated in order to colour, straighten, and treat the hair in the most effective way possible.

What makes our collections unique from one another?

The length as well as the weight (thickness) are what set these apart. We provide a variety of lengths and weights to accommodate the many different kinds of natural hair. The quality of each of our extensions is consistently very excellent. The Maneology Elegant collection should be perfect for you if your hair is fine and you want a shorter length. These sets are designed for finer hair and will add volume and length in a way that is completely natural looking. This range is offered in the following set configurations: 14 inches 120g, 16 inches 150g, 18 inches 130g, and 20 inches 160g. We propose the Maneology Deluxe range to customers with fine to medium hair who are looking to add length as well as more volume. The sets in this range include even more hair than the standard range. It will also work well with naturally thick hair and add a lot of volume to the hair of people with different types of hair. This variety is offered in either an 18" with 180g or a 20" with 200g. If you want your hair to be particularly thick and you want it to grow longer, then the 230 grammes Superior set is for you. This set is designed for medium to thick hair types and may be used on either short or long hair. If you have naturally medium to thick hair, the Luxurious range will add an excessive amount of thickness while also extending the length of your hair. Both a 24" (280g) and a 26" (300g) version of our Luxurious range are currently in stock.

Which clips do you use in your hair?

We employ metal clips made of stainless steel that have a tight rubber grip. Because of their low mass and their diminutive size, it is quite simple to conceal them. The aggregate weight of the clips is only a marginal portion of the weight of the hair.

Is it possible to both straighten and curl them?

Consider the hair to be your own and handle it accordingly. Even when fitted, use a flat iron/straightener or tongs to style the hair. However, just like with your own hair, you should avoid using hot styling equipment too frequently because you run the risk of drying out the hair and shortening its lifespan. We do not advise utilising hot tools with temperatures that are higher than 170 degrees Celsius. Before utilising hot instruments, it is imperative that you shield your skin from the heat by applying a heat protectant.

How am I supposed to decide which colour to pick?

Please give us a sample of your own hair, and we will try to match it, (please email for the postal address). Alternatively, you may simply submit a photo of yourself onto our colour match form. We entirely understand that selecting the appropriate colour from a computer screen is not always an easy task. In most cases, hair extensions can be one shade lighter or darker than your natural hair, and they will still blend in seamlessly. When they are finally clipped in, it makes a world of a difference. In general, the undersides of most people's hair are darker than the tops. If the colour of your hair extensions does not match your natural hair, you can easily return them to us together with a strand of your own hair (if required) and get a refund or an exchange for the correct shade. Our exchange policy is quite simple.

Is it possible for me to dye or tone the hair?

In the event that it is necessary, the hair might be coloured or toned. It is far simpler to make the hair darker than it is to make the hair lighter, as a general rule. When colouring or toning blonde hair, extra care must be taken because it has been bleached more than other hair colours. Among these include the use of toning shampoos (shampoos and conditioners with silver or purple hues). We strongly advise that you have your hairdresser colour or tone the extensions for you since you will obtain the results that you desire. Colouring or toning one's own hair carries with it an extremely high chance of the hair not turning out the colour that one had hoped for. It is not recommended that you try to colour the silicone tops because doing so could potentially damage the silicone. Before dyeing your hair, you should always start with a test on a small section of your hair and then wash it. Bleaching the hair is not something that we encourage. Note that you do so at your own risk if you dye or tone the extensions, and doing so eliminates any possibility of getting your money back. This includes the use of shampoos and conditioners that are either purple or silver in colour.

Can I wash the hair extensions and then blow them dry?

You can wash them with shampoo and conditioner just like you would your own hair, using the same method. Because the hair is not attached to your scalp, it is not getting the oils it should be getting, so we also recommend putting a hair treatment on them every few weeks such as a hair mask (Maneology Argan Oil Hair Mask). This is because the hair is not getting the oils it should be getting. If you use a treatment or hair mask on your tresses, they will appear healthier and more lustrous for a longer period of time. You won't find that you need to wash your extensions very frequently—approximately once every three weeks will suffice. It is possible to blow-dry the extensions, although doing so more frequently than necessary is not recommended. After washing your hair extensions, it is in your best interest to let them air dry naturally.
We have a wonderful shampoo and conditioner that was developed specifically with hair extensions in mind. It is very nutritious, and it has a really strong fragrance.

Additionally, we advise using a single drop of our Argan Oil once per week or immediately after washing (applying it to wet hair).

Do you ship orders to international destinations?

We do indeed ship orders all around the world! If you are shopping from outside the UK, you will be prompted during checkout to select your country. Once you do so, the appropriate shipping costs and options will be displayed.

Can I track my order?

You will receive your tracking number within your dispatch email - this email will be sent as soon as your item is prepared for shipment. We use Royal Mail & DHL to send our packages. Please check shipping times to see when your order should be with you.

I was wondering what currency is used on the website.

The prices that are displayed are all in Great British Pounds (GBP), and if you decide to make a purchase, the amount that you pay will also be in GBP. There is an estimate of the price given in both Euros and US Dollars next to each individual price.

How long does it typically take for packages to be shipped?

Shipping times are always different from one country to the next, regardless of where you are located. It typically takes between three and seven working days for packages to be delivered internationally (outside the UK). Delivery in the UK typically takes between two and four business days. We almost never experience delays in shipping, and our orders are dispatched as promptly as possible. In addition, we offer Express Shipping to each and every Country.