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Article: Trouble Shooting Hair Extensions

Trouble Shooting Hair Extensions

Trouble Shooting Hair Extensions

Trouble shooting hair extensions: five possible explanations for why your extensions aren't doing their job

All those who use hair extensions, whether they are new to the practise or seasoned pros, can probably agree that the industry isn't always a bed of roses. There are times when things aren't quite perfect, despite the fact that they appear wonderful, provide extra length, and gorgeous volume to the hair.

We have compiled a list of some of the most typical reasons why you could have issues with your hair, including the fact that you can't seem to achieve a smooth blend, that you're feeling discomfort, or that your hair extensions don't appear to be lasting very long. But there's no need to be concerned because we also have the answers!

Imagine that we are your fairy godmother when it comes to hair growth; in this article, we will discuss ways in which you can realise your ideal lengths on a daily basis while expending the least amount of work possible.

1. The superiority of the hair extensions

Beginning the process of adding hair extensions to your hair can be an extremely stressful experience. On the market, one can choose from a dizzying array of different brands, extension types, materials, and levels of quality. When choosing a store from where to acquire your hair extensions, it is essential to take into consideration the following aspects:

Format of extension

Clip-in hair extensions are a type of temporary hair item that may be applied to your natural hair using clips and then removed just as easily. They are attached to your natural hair in discrete wefts that blend in completely and do not require any kind of permanent installation. They may be used for a variety of different events and provide a high level of convenience, making them ideal for incorporating into your daily routine.

The application of tape-in hair extensions, also known as tape-ins, is a method for semi-permanent hair extensions. The extensions are placed in your hair in such a way that they are sandwiched between several parts of your natural hair. They are renowned for having an unobtrusive look and can continue to function normally for a number of weeks before they need to be moved or replaced.

This material

Human-made fibres such as acrylic and nylon are used in the construction of synthetic hair extensions. They frequently have a shine that does not look natural, and they tangle quite quickly. Plastic and natural hair have distinct characteristics, which makes it more difficult for the two to merge seamlessly. At Maneology Hair Extensions, we take pride in the fact that every single one of our Remy human hair extensions is of the best possible quality. To guarantee that the cuticles are tangle-free and velvety smooth to the touch, each and every one of them flows in the same direction.

Assurance of quality

The wefts need to be carefully sewed together so that there is minimal shedding, which will ensure that the extension will last for a long time. Because your hair extensions need to have fullness throughout their whole length, the ends of your hair extensions play a significant role in determining whether or not they appear natural. Maneology takes great pride in its bespoke design, which ensures both of these qualities and blends in completely to give the appearance that your natural hair is extremely thick and lustrously long.

2. The shade of the hair

If your hair extensions are not properly matched to the colour of your natural hair, it will be obvious that you are wearing them, which will negate the purpose of the extensions, which is to give the impression that your hair is naturally growing in that direction. A poor blend will be noticeable since there will be a distinct colour difference between your natural hair and the extension at the point where your natural hair stops and the extension begins. However, finding your ideal companion does not have to be a laborious process. Leave it to our knowledgeable colour matching service, who are always ready to offer direction and advice regarding the most appropriate shade to choose.

3. The positioning and the method

If you do not carefully position your clip-in hair extensions, you may experience discomfort as well as frustration. You have to make sure that they are attached firmly to the base of your natural hair in order to prevent them from sliding around or falling out while you are wearing them. Prior to applying extensions, you can tease your roots and spritz your hair with hair spray if you have fine hair or less grip on your natural strands. This will provide the clips with a solid base to cling to in the future. The robust clips used in Maneology Hair Extensions are lined with silicone to soften the hair and provide optimum grip while causing the least amount of harm possible.

Always seek the advice of a professional hairstylist before attempting to install tape-in extensions; they will also be the ones to attach and remove your extensions. If they are not positioned properly, the adhesive may produce friction on your scalp, which may cause it to become uncomfortable or inflamed. A matte finish is provided at the root of Maneology Taped In extensions in order to provide the impression of discretion. They are featherlight, which eliminates that uncomfortable, heavy feeling, and can be styled either up or down without appearing bulky in any configuration.

4. Fashioning

To get a seamless look with hair extensions, your natural hair and the extensions themselves need to be correctly blended together. After being fitted, they might need to be trimmed or layered so that they match the length or style of your current hair.

Hair extensions can be purchased in a number of different textures, including straight, wavy, or curly. The process of integrating your natural hair with the extensions can become difficult if the extensions do not have the same texture as your natural hair. However, if you prefer to style your own hair, you will also need to style your extensions in the same manner, which may involve using a great deal of heat. When working with hot tools, it is imperative that you protect both your natural hair and any extensions you have by using a product that can withstand heat.

5. Preventative measures and upkeep

It is necessary to properly care for hair extensions in order to preserve both their beauty and their longevity. If you don't take care of your extensions, you may find that they become tangled, shed, or lose their shine. To ensure that your extensions last as long as possible, it is essential that you wash your hair using shampoos and conditioners that have been carefully developed for use with hair extensions. The argan oil shampoo and conditioner duo comes highly recommended.

When you brush your hair with extensions in it, it can be a difficult procedure, so make sure you are being careful and patient with the process. If you want to prevent your natural ends and extensions from becoming dry and brittle, you could apply some hair oil to them, such as Maneology Aragon hair serum. In order to repair hair and supply it with strength, nourishment, and elasticity, the argan oil, collagen, and keratin that are included in the hair oil have been infused into it.

The aforementioned discussion of the five primary reasons why your hair extensions could not be functioning for you has come to a close. Our mission at Maneology is to ensure that you have all the knowledge necessary to make an informed purchase of our premium hair extensions and aftercare products and to do so in a way that makes you feel pleased and confident. Check visit our Frequently Asked Questions page, where the answer to your problem might already be waiting for you if we haven't already answered it in this post.

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