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Article: What is Remy Hair?

What is Remy Hair?

What is Remy Hair?

Over the past few years, hair extensions have seen a significant surge in popularity, which does not come as a surprise to us. It's possible that we are partial, but hair extensions are incredible and may be utilised for a wide variety of purposes, including the addition of length, volume, or colour to the hair. We understand that, in this day and age, when there are so many distinct brands and types of hair extensions available on the market, it can be a little bit perplexing, especially with all of the different terminologies. We are here to clear up any confusion you may have regarding the meaning of the term "Remy hair."

Here at Maneology, we are quite knowledgeable in this field. We will explain what we mean by "100% Remy Human Hair" and why it is the only type of hair we use to make our acclaimed extensions. When you reach the conclusion of this essay, you will have a comprehensive understanding of all aspects of hair extensions and will be fully informed prior to making a purchase of hair extensions.

WHAT Kind of Human Hair Is Remy?

100% When searching for human hair extensions, you should be on the lookout for remy human hair because this type of real human hair is considered to be of the greatest quality. Remy hair is hair in which the cuticles are not taken away and remain intact and facing in the same direction; this is in contrast to the majority of other types of human hair extensions, which do not use remy hair. The cuticles of the hairs can be preserved and aligned so that they face the same direction in order to maintain the natural appearance of the hair. Remy hair is guaranteed to be completely free of tangles, in addition to appearing and feeling silky smooth and glossy.


The 100% Remy Human Hair Extensions are the most luxurious form of hair extensions available since they are constructed only from Remy Hair rather than any other sort of human hair. There are a number of extensions on the market that are marked as "Remy Hair Extensions," simply because they contain some Remy hair. However, if you want extensions that look the most natural and are of the highest quality, it is imperative that you choose extensions made of 100% Remy Human Hair.

Because they are all aligned by hand, 100% Remy Human Hair extensions typically come at a higher price range. This is because of the amount of care that is required to align the hair. Our Maneology partners have taken great care in selecting the hair that we use, and they have made sure that all of the cuticles on each strand are the same length as well. After that, the strands of hair are bonded together to form our extensions.



Extensions made of Remy human hair can be washed, styled, and cared for in the same manner as your original hair. Depending on the method used to attach them, extensions made of 100% Remy human hair can last anywhere from six to eight months if they are treated well and given the appropriate upkeep.

When it comes to synthetic hair extensions, they might be tough to style and mix with your own hair because they have a wiry or coarse feel to them. This can make it difficult to style synthetic hair extensions. It is possible that synthetic extensions will be more obvious than Remy human hair extensions due to the coarse appearance of synthetic extensions. Non-remy extensions do not have the same lifespan as our 100% Remy hair extensions, lasting for as little as one month; they can become damaged with heat and styling, resulting in a shorter lifespan. Our 100% Remy hair extensions have a lifespan of up to three months.

Therefore, despite the fact that human hair extensions are more costly than synthetic hair extensions, the quality of our extensions, in addition to their appearance and length of lifespan, makes the investment justified.


Here at Maneology, we only deliver the highest quality of Remy Human Hair.  We are aware that the quality of the hair extensions is the most important factor. Our mission is to make you feel as though you can take on the world. Because of this, we always utilise the highest quality, 100% Remy Human Hair when we make our extensions so that you may feel comfortable using them.

We really hope that this clears up any questions you may have had about what Remy Human Hair is and why it's so crucial for us to only use hair of the highest possible quality. The most significant improvement to your hair can be achieved by purchasing our 100% Remy Clip-in Extensions or Professional Extensions right now.

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